Company History


Established in 1981 as a metal trading firm, Achemetal Inc now operates 4 separate factories in China for various specialty metal products. 

-1996 Achemetal builds the first plant in China producing calcined anthracite coal.

-1999 Achemetal builds a high purity metal plant.

-2001 Achemetal builds and develops a refractory metal plant.

-2004 Achemetal builds a graphite plant.

Quality & Service

Our network of factories, sales staff and logistics professionals provide you with the security and efficiency needed to get you pricing quickly and the ability to delivery material anywhere in the world.

Innovation & Investment


At Achemetal, we believe evolution and innovation are not only still possible but fundamental in the advancement of the metal industry.

We look for investment opportunities with innovative partners. 

In 2019, Achemetal partnered with Nuno Cunha to start Liberty Specialty Metals, a metals distribution firm based in NJ. 

Link to Liberty Specialty Metals

In 2017, Achmetal partnered with UTRS by providing funding for the development of a new technology which could revolutionize the titanium industry.

UTRS/Achemetal JV Press Release

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