producer and distributor of REFRACTORY, FERRO, CARBON, AND MINOR METALS



Minor Metals available for all uses. Electronics, Power Generation, Structural and Performance Metals

 - Germanium - Available in refined bar and chunks

 - Germanium Dioxide - Available in Powder

 - Germanium Tetrachloride - Available in liquid. Fiber optical grade

 - Gallium - Available in liquid form

 - Arsenic - Available in Rod, plate or chucks

 - Indium - Available in Ingot, foil and shot

 - Antimony - Available in Ingot, plate, chucks

 - Bismuth - Available in Ingot, chucks  

 - Selenium - Available in Ingot, shot, powder

 - Cadmium - Available in Ingot

 - Tellurium - Available in Ingot

All metals above are sold in maximum purity, 99.99%

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